Ookpik Aviation ~ Flying Past The Competition

Born from the necessity of moving goods and people into the remote places of roadless Nunavut, locally owned and operated Ookpik Aviation draws on more than three decades of knowledge and experience to do air transport jobs our competition simply cannot.

Our specially modified "Super Otter" is ideal for the requirements of northern off-strip work, handling rougher, shorter landing and take-off areas than the planes used by our competitors as well as offering other advantages.

Making it Possible

Together with our affiliates, Ookpik Aviation offers a wide range of expediting, supply and transport services to meet the needs of mining and mineral exploration, tourism, search and rescue operations, and many others. We are experienced in working with federal and territorial government agencies and in handling local business requirements as well. Whatever your project requires, make Ookpik Aviation your first stop and let our experienced personnel assist you.

Whatever the job, Ookpik Aviation has the tools and experience to do it right!

Many tourism, exploration and other projects - otherwise not viable - have been made possible by our aircraft, our exceptionally skilled pilots, and our extensive knowledge of the terrain.